Quality Policy

The main objective of the company Nakoda Telecom Pvt. Ltd. that the market is known for its exceptional quality of its products and services. The commitment of all employees is to actively and continuously involve in improving quality, keeping in mind that this is the only way to justify the confidence of current and new users up to expectations.

To maintain and guarantee its high quality levels, we formalized its commitment with a Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008, a brand known worldwide for its reliability, safety and impartiality.

Quality Policy of company is based on the following principles:
Associate the image of our company to high standards of quality and to the attention to customers needs.
Avoid mistakes, waste and delays by optimizing the use of internal resources and outsourcing.
Pursue the continuous improvement of its own processes.
Improve customer relations, better understanding of their needs and constant care to meet their satisfaction.
Monitoring international trends in equipment and software for security systems. Improving products and services as well as own work processes.
Fostering professional relationships with partners and suppliers, through the mutual exchange of experience, knowledge and common resolution of potential problems occurring. Resource and infrastructure management, with particular attention paid to the competence of employees and creating conditions for creative and teamwork.
Application of information technology for quality and professional business with a permanent decrease in operating costs and faster decision making.
Every year our company redefines its goals, to guarantee they continue to satisfy customers' needs.
The implementation of Quality Policy will provide presence, competitiveness and visibility of our products and services in domestic and foreign markets. Therefore NTPL CCTV Solution will constantly review this policy and other elements of management systems and adapt them to business goals and market conditions.